Shipping containers are built with high tensile steel to exact international standards. The floor may be of wood or wood and metal panels.  

      Specifications      :

1.                   Weight      

               6m(20ft) = 2300kg                  12m(40ft) = 4000kg                12m(40ft) HC = 4150kg

2.             Floor area

               6m(20ft) = 13.75m2                12m(40ft) = 28.20m2              12m(40ft) HC = 28.20m2

    Dimensions    :

1.             Internal

               6m = 5,87m(l) x 2,34m(w) x 2,38m high

               12m = 12,02m(l) x 2,34m(w) x 2,38m high

                12m HC = 12.02m(l) x 2,35m(w) x 2,70 high 

2.             External 

               6m = 6,05m(l) x 2,44m(w) x 2,59m high

               12m = 12,20m(l) x 2,44m(w) x 2,59m high 

                12m HC = 12,20m(l) x 2,44m(w) x 2,89m high

 Cubic capacity :  

      1.       6m = 31m3 

      2.       12m = 67m3

      3.        12m HC = 76m3

             Note      :          

These container dimensions are approximate as original specifications vary according to manufacturer